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Gypsum Ceiling system is a suspended steel framing system, clad with Gypsum Boards sheets. The finish surface would be smooth and may receive direct decoration such as painting and pasting of wallpaper. It is mostly used in areas with the modern and innovative designs are required and also are used where the plain ceiling is required. Compared with combustible wooden ceiling, Gypsum Board ceiling provides a safer and fire resistive environment.

DFB compound range will suit your requirement, for residential or commercial construction of gypsum board fixing or wall construction.


  • Gives fine and smooth finish surface.
  • Excellent tape bonding strength.
  • Consistent time setting.
  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • High crack resistance.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Easy to sand.

Preparation of Gypsum Compound
Gypsum Compound is used as a first and second coat for gypsum board joints and fixing points. It is suitable for interior finishing where applications are free from water and away from high humidity conditions.

Joint Filler is a pre mixed only clean water should be added in a clean bucket.
Mix it with the recommended ration of 2 part of powder to 1 part of clean water.
Joint Filler Ready Mixed can be applied straight from the bucket without mixing or using additional water.
Apply first coat to fill gaps between the board joints with Gyp Compound Joint Filler or Joint Filler Ready Mixed.
Apply jointing Tape. Run the trowel progressively down the filled joint, squeezed out excess filler and entrapped air.
Apply second coat to fill the taper and remove any surplus filler and allow to set.
Apply the final coat of Gyp Compound. Allow the joint treatment to get dried out properly.
Lightly sand to remove any minor imperfections.



Dry Wall Partition System

Dry wall partition system is a good combination of traditional and new building method and it is the fastest way to refurbish existing walls. Dry wall partition system is made of durable galvanized steel, clad with Gypsum Boards sheets. Compared with wooden partition, Gypsum partition can provide a safer and fire resistive wall. Maintenance is made easy by the removable nature of the system. This system is mobile, thus can be moved to another location if required. It weighs half of the normal weight of masonry concrete walls that could help reduce the structure base of the construction. Moreover renovation can be carried out easily without any disturbance to the building structure. In addition, the thermal and acoustic insulation product may be filled in partition frame to create a safer and quite environment. Moreover, it allows easy further decoration by either painting or wallpaper.

All commercial and residential projects, such as: Studio apartments and offices, factories, department’s stores, hospitals, office building, houses, restaurants, etc.


  • The cost effective & the strong alternative of brick & wooden particleboards for wall partitions.

  • Services & electrical cables can be easily accommodated.

  • Have good acoustic, sound and heat insulation properties.

  • Provides smooth, seamless and crack-free wall surfaces.

  • It can achieve fire resistance from 30 to 240 minutes.

  • It is lightweight, flame resistant, and quakeproof.

  • The fastest way to refurbish existing walls.

  • Easy & quickly installed by nails or screws.

  • Can be moved to another location.

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